Move Consciously……Exercise Intelligently……Live Joyfully……Touch Lives


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wanda Jan cadillac

Pilates is a gift for anyone who practices it. Going to JABAFIT has a special gift- Joy Bylsma. Not only will Joy help each of her clients develop a Pilates program to enhance their body’s efficiency but being a physical therapist she can recognize possible problems with alignment and incorporate exercises to correct these problems. After working with Joy, I have been able to strengthen my upper body and become flexible. My confidence in my physical abilities has expanded. I am more aware of which muscles to use to prevent pain and improve performance. Under Joy’s supervision , I plan to continue to improve and maintain a healthy body. Each workout is a pleasure!

Wanda A. Lee


Jabafit has been the best for me.  I attend classes about twice weekly.  About three years ago, I started out with private sessions then progressed to group classes.  People often ask me what exercise I do because I look fit for my age (sixties).  Pilates has eliminated the pain that was creeping into my body…especially in my shoulders and hips.  I REALLY appreciate the close attention Joy gives during class to make sure we use good form and don’t injure our bodies.

Jan Cuzzort