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 Our Strength


Joseph Hubertus Pilates, born in Germany in 1883, pioneered the exercise system during World War 1.  He opened a studio in New York next to a dance studio where his exercise system evolved and eventually spread worldwide.  His students, also known as the elders, who learned from Joe passed on the baton until it finally reached ordinary people like me.

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I share with you the years of training and experience in the field of physical therapy combined with the principles and mindful movements of Pilates to attain a more balanced body, prevent injuries, and experience your  daily tasks with pleasure.

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Joy’s  Story

Joy was first introduced to Pilates when she first took a continuing education course, “Utilizing Pilates Principles to Enhance Rehabilitation Outcomes”, in 2008 just shortly after having a baby.  After experiencing the effects of Pilates exercise in her own life, Joy continued to pursue the study of Pilates as she traveled the country working as a Physical Therapist Traveler. Joy earned her first mat certification course in 2009 with Barbara Bruni at Pilates Core Training in Pensacola, Florida, which sparked further interest in her study of Pilates.  Two years later, Joy became a STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation Instructor  trained by Melanie Byford Young with  Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland, Oregon.  Joy continued to be passionate about incorporating the principles of the STOTT PILATES® Method in her physical therapy practice, but found that there is high frequency of reinjury with patients who returned to their activities.  Joy continued to pursue her full pilates certification beyond rehabilitation with Inspire Health in Atlanta, GA, becoming fully certified in the STOTT PILATES method in 2014.


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STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph  Pilates. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available.

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We strive to deliver the best outcomes by continuing to grow as a practitioner as new research develop in the art of healing.


Move Consciously

     Exercise Intelligently

          Live Joyfully

               Touch Lives


Joy is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University in 1998 where she received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.  Early in her career, Joy served for 6 years as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy Reserves and simultaneously attended Houston Community College graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Throughout her career, Joy enjoyed working in varied settings but mostly in outpatient settings where she mostly worked with orthopedics, vestibular, and neurologically involved patients.  She has countless hours of continuing education in orthopedics including but not limited to the Maitland Manual Therapy Techniques for the spine, peripherals, and sacroiliac dysfunction, Vestibular Rehabilitation at Emory University, and STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation courses as well as the complete coursework and certification for Intensive Matwork and Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, and Barrels.

Joy’s enthusiasm for the Pilates approach to rehabilitation and wellness led her to start JABAFIT.  Her clients encompass all ages and abilities, including those challenged by injuries or disabilities.  Her goal is to provide a place for healing and empower others to reach their full potential.  She is excited to show others how Pilates can strengthen their bodies and positively affect their daily lives.






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Our Vision

Imagine a place where people actively listen and observe how each body move, placing  pieces together like a puzzle to become whole again. Our bodies rely on multiple and complex support systems designed to work together to maneuver through our given surroundings.  We analyze the different support systems and movement patterns to customize the proper exercises each body needs for fluid and efficient  movement that occurs between us and the environment we live in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a healthier body and lifestyle through education, correct use of the neuromuscular and skeletal  systems, and upholding proper body alignment.  We do this using research based manual therapy and low pressure techniques with modern STOTT PILATES® method of spinal rehabilitation and stabilization to achieve muscle and energy efficiency in everyday tasks, as well as, athletic performance enhancement.