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Low Pressure Fitness

Hypopressive or Low Pressure Fitness is a global approach to the core system using static and dynamic poses and postural techniques along with specific breathing strategies while reducing pressure on the pelvic organs and structures.

Fitness Pilates

Whether you want to have better tone, build strength, increase flexibility, or regain balance, Pilates can help you reach your goals.

Clinical Pilates

Acute or chronic disorders may get in the way of starting a fitness program. Clinical Pilates is designed for those who have completed their rehab program, or those in need of corrective alignment for proper muscle activation prior to transitioning to their next fitness level.

Who We Are!

JABAFIT offers a Pilates based approach to rehabilitation, fitness and wellness using state of the art Pilates equipment to restore proper body alignment and challenge your current fitness to the next level. Our private and group classes offer a safe and challenging exercise experience for adults of every age and fitness level. We are Pilates enthusiasts whose passion is to see others through in their journey for better health. Our mission is to educate and promote correct use of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems, and uphold proper body alignment. We do this using research based corrective therapy and modern STOTT PILATES® method of spinal rehabilitation and stabilization. The result is better muscle and energy efficiency in everyday tasks, gained strength and stamina to return to active lifestyle or sports activities.